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Nano-engineering and nano-manufacturing in 2D supplies: marvels of nanotechnology

Two-dimensional supplies have attracted vital curiosity and investigation because the marvellous discovery of graphene. As a result of their distinctive bodily, mechanical and optical properties, van der Waals (vdW) supplies possess extraordinary potential for utility in future optoelectronics units. Nano-engineering and nano-manufacturing within the atomically skinny regime has additional opened multifarious avenues to discover novel bodily properties. Amongst them, moiré heterostructures, pressure engineering and substrate manipulation have created quite a few unique and topological phenomena reminiscent of unconventional superconductivity, orbital magnetism, versatile nanoelectronics and extremely environment friendly photovoltaics. This assessment comprehensively summarizes the three most influential strategies of nano-engineering in 2D supplies. The most recent improvement within the marvels of moiré constructions in vdW supplies is mentioned; as well as, topological constructions in layered supplies and substrate engineering on the nanoscale are completely scrutinized to focus on their significance in micro- and nano-devices. Lastly, we conclude with remarks on challenges and doable future instructions within the quickly increasing subject of nanotechnology and nanomaterial.

Graphical abstract: Nano-engineering and nano-manufacturing in 2D materials: marvels of nanotechnology



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