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New nanocomposite copper coating may very well be the following superbug fighter

Jul 28, 2022

(Nanowerk Information) A brand new copper coating that kills micro organism faster and in higher quantities than present formulations may quickly be obtainable for hospitals and different high-traffic services. Though present formulations manufactured from pure copper are antibacterial and self-sanitizing, they kill sure varieties of micro organism with a thicker cell wall (Gram-positive micro organism), extra slowly than micro organism with a thinner cell wall (Gram-negative). A staff of UBC researchers led by Dr. Amanda Clifford, an assistant professor within the division of supplies engineering, have designed a nano-copper coating that features bacteria-killing nanoscale options and zinc. The nanoscale options are tiny bumps that may kill micro organism by rupturing their cell wall. Zinc, which can be antibacterial, selectively oxidizes within the presence of copper and helps kill micro organism extra shortly in comparison with pure copper alone. “Use of our coating may considerably cut back the incidence of contracting bacterial infections from high-touch surfaces in healthcare services, akin to doorknobs and elevator buttons, because it kills micro organism utilizing a number of approaches,” says Dr. Clifford. “Because it accommodates much less copper than different present coatings or entire copper elements, it will even be cheaper to make.” The staff discovered that the fabric took only one hour to kill 99.7 per cent of Staphylococcus aureus – a Gram-positive pathogen generally liable for hospital-acquired infections – in contrast with two hours for pure copper. “Not solely does this coating kill pathogens sooner than pure copper, it helps guarantee antibiotics stay efficient,” stated Dr. Clifford. “Through the use of this new formulation, we’re killing pathogens earlier than sufferers develop into contaminated and wish to make use of antibiotics in opposition to them, slowing the rise of antibiotic resistance.” The researchers have filed a provisional patent for the coating and fabrication course of, which is described in a brand new paper in Superior Supplies Interfaces (“An Engineered Nanocomposite Copper Coating with Enhanced Antibacterial Efficacy”). “That is at the moment focused for hospitals and well being care settings as a result of these areas are the place the antibiotic-resistant pathogens, akin to methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), are a problem. We additionally don’t wish to be at a spot the place we will not use antibiotics,” says Dr. Clifford. The staff plans to additional consider the fabric in opposition to different pathogens, akin to viruses, with hopes to finally commercialize their work.



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