Pipe Fitter Software Checklist | 30+ Important Pipe Becoming Instruments

A Pipe Fitter is a occupation that includes putting in, repairing, and sustaining pipes and tubes for the availability of water, fuel, oils, steam, and many others., in residential or business buildings, workshops, shops, gardens, ships, and many others. Pipe Fitters should be capable to create or study drawings (and different specs) and carry out a mess of jobs equivalent to reduce passage holes, lay pipes, reduce reams, bend pipes, thread them, use completely different fittings and couplings, match meters, valves, and plenty of extra. There may be a variety of math concerned on this job. However coming to the sensible side, a pipe fitter should be conversant in the instruments of their commerce. And there are a number of instruments for this job. On this information, we are going to take a better take a look at a Pipe Fitter Software Checklist.

In case you are beginning your profession as a Pipe Fitter or finding out for one, then it is advisable be conversant in all kinds of instruments that solely plumbers and pipe fitters use. That can assist you out, we’re a vital pipe fitter instrument listing. We hope that this listing helps you in understanding the instruments of the commerce and lifts off your pipe fitter profession.

Pipe Fitter Software Checklist

1. Pipe Wrench

We’ll begin with one of many easy and mostly used instruments, the Pipe Wrench. You don’t must be a plumber or pipe fitter to know this instrument. Anybody who repaired pipes, faucets, or different small issues within the kitchen or toilet, should be conversant in a Pipe Wrench.

It’s an adjustable wrench with threaded tooth on both of the jaws. These tooth assist you’ve gotten a agency grip on the pipe whilst you rotate it. An attention-grabbing level about pipe wrenches is that the tooth can maintain the pipes solely whenever you rotate them in a selected course (on this sense, it acts like a ratchet wrench).

2. Pipe Pliers

One other widespread instrument within the plumbing and pipe becoming trade is Pipe Pliers. Often known as Water Pump Pliers or Tongue & Groove Pliers, Pipe Pliers can grip, flip, or maintain pipes, bolts, nuts, or another workpieces.

The 2 sorts of Pipe Pliers are Curved Jaw and Straight Jaw. You should utilize Pipe Pliers on any object no matter its form or measurement. The serrated jaws and adjustable mouth assist in reaching this.

You too can get particular Pipe Pliers that enable you to in holding pipes or tubes for Butt Welding.

3. Centering Head

An vital a part of becoming pipes and tubes is to make it possible for all of the pipes, fittings, and many others. are completely aligned to the middle. A Centering Head is a vital Pipe Fitter Software that helps in establishing the middle line of a pipe.

As pipes are cylindrical objects, discovering their middle might be troublesome typically. However utilizing a Centering Head, Pipe Fitters can simply measure and mark vital factors round pipes, fittings, and flanges.

These factors is usually a middle line on each ends, reference factors at varied angles, or upward or downward inclination/slope of a pipe or a plate.

4. Pipe Wrap

A Pipe Wrap is a resin-impregnated fiberglass or PVC tape that wraps across the floor of the pipe to guard it from corrosion, abrasion, or any chemical substances.

You should utilize a Pipe Wrap to guard steel pipes above or under floor, underwater, and many others. It’s a simple and cost-effective resolution to guard pipes.

5. Pipe Clamp

Clamps are nice instruments to carry objects in place whereas engaged on them. Pipe Clamps assist Pipe Fitters to carry pipes, fittings, or tubes to line them up, reduce them, or do different comparable duties.

If the pipes aren’t aligned correctly, then becoming them is troublesome. Use pipe clamps liberally so it turns into simple to connect or join pipes and fittings.

6. Fitter Grips

The Fitter Grips are just like Pipe Clamps. They assist pipe fitters to suit pipes, fittings, and even fittings to fittings. They act as a 3rd set of fingers for a pipe fitter as they will firmly maintain the pipes and free the precise fingers of the fitter to do different vital jobs equivalent to becoming or welding.

7. Flange Aligner

You need to correctly align pipes and joints earlier than continuing with the welding course of. A Pipe Flange Aligner is a particular instrument that has vertical in addition to horizontal ranges to assist align pipe joints.

Flange Aligners are additionally helpful throughout restore or upkeep works as you may establish any misalignments and realign the pipes by making small changes.

8. Radius Markers

Because the title suggests, a Radius Marker is a geometrical instrument that pipe fitters and welders use to attract exact circles. Relying on the make and mannequin of the Radius Marker, you may draw small circles in addition to giant circles with a radius of over 100 inches.

Radius Makes assist in marking circles in order that Pipe Fitters could make cuts or holes to suit different pipes, pipe fittings, flanges, and many others.

9. Welder’s Gauge

Pipe Becoming is a fragile job. Pipe Fitters work with completely different sorts of pipe supplies. They must make very correct dimensions, angles, and many others. in order that they will use the precise quantity of fabric and make the pipe bend exactly amongst different issues.

Any small error in calculation or dimensions can result in big errors when it comes to fittings, leakages, and many others. A High quality Management Welder’s Gauge is a precision instrument that helps pipe fitters in checking the standard of the pipes earlier than and after putting in, welding, or becoming.

If there’s any mismatch earlier than and after welding, you may test it utilizing a Welder’s Gauge and keep away from any weld joint rejection.

10. Pit Depth Gauge

When Pipe Fitters use High quality Management Welder’s Gauge, in addition they have to measure the pit depth, pipe diameter, weld undercut, and weld peak earlier than and after welding.

A Pit Depth Gauge is a stainless-steel accent that you must match on the finish of the High quality Management Welder’s Gauge and make all of the above-mentioned measurements. You’ll be able to simply discover out any misalignments from pipe to pipe or plate to plate.

11. Flange Spreader

Typically, Pipe Fitters have to exchange flange gaskets or reapply sealants. They’ll use Flange Spreaders to separate flanges and do repairs. You need to connect the Flange Spreader (or a pair of them) to the flange holes and unfold the flange faces.

More often than not, this motion is not going to trigger any harm to the flange surfaces. However some inexperienced or younger pipe fitters would possibly face issues utilizing them. A typical Flange Spreader applies over 100 ft-lbs. of torque which may end up in a spreading drive of greater than 12,000 lbs.

Hydraulic Flange Spreaders are fairly widespread within the trade and pipe fitters use them to effortlessly separate flanges with none wedges or hammers.

12. Hack Noticed

Energy Instruments make any job simple, particularly when engaged on heavy metals. That is additionally true for pipes, fittings, and tubes. However what if a Pipe Fitter needs to make a fast reduce? Does he/she must take out a big round noticed to do the job?

If they’ve the area, time, and endurance to try this, they undoubtedly can. However typically, easy is best. On this case, a easy Hacksaw can do the job rapidly and exactly. So, Hacksaws are staple instruments for all Pipe Fitters.

13. Allen Wrench Set

Whereas welding is the final word solution to be a part of two pipes or fittings, typically this will not be potential. In such a scenario, the Pipe Fitter has to make use of nuts and bolts with correct leak prevention. Hex Screws are very helpful in such conditions.

To lock or loosen Hex Screws, Pipe Fitters have to make use of Allen Keys or Allen Wrenches (Hex Keys). We suggest you get an Allen Wrench Set that comprises keys of various sizes.

14. Spacing Wedges

Pipe Becoming and Welding go hand in hand in a number of conditions. One such widespread case is welding pipe ends. Spacing Wedges are very helpful equipment that permit pipe fitters and welders to provide exact weld gaps between pipes or plates for welding. They’re very simple to make use of, particularly whenever you mix chain clamps or cage clamps to carry the pipe ends.

Simply deliver the pipe ends nearer, tighten the chain clamps, and make the specified hole between the pipes utilizing Spacing Wedges. The “wedge” a part of a Spacing Wedge may be very laborious whereas the highest half is barely delicate (to keep away from splinter).

15. Two-Gap Pin Pipe Becoming Software

A Two Gap Pin Pipe Becoming Software is a particular instrument that helps Pipe Fitters in aligning the holes in pipes to suit nuts and bolts. This ensures that the drilling course of doesn’t miss the alignment of the holes.

After utilizing the Two Gap Pin Pipe Becoming Software to test for gap alignment, the Pipe Fitter can use a pocket stage to test if every part is stage or not.

16. Miter Marker Pipe Structure Software

Miter Noticed is able to making cuts at an angle. However how to make sure that the angle is true? That is the place a Miter Marker Pipe Structure Software turns out to be useful. It’s a particular marking instrument that permits Pipe Fitters to mark pipes for various angles of miter cuts.

You’ll be able to mark for 45°, 90°, 22-1/2°, saddle reduce, and many others. Most Miter Marker Pipe Structure Instruments have a spring mechanism that holds onto the pipe for a safe structure.

17. Multi Gap Imager

One other common pipe “structure” instrument is a Multi-Gap Imager. It should assist the Pipe Fitter is making spherical layouts or elongated holes (elliptical) on spherical, flat, and even irregular surfaces.

You’ll be able to match a Protractor with an adjustable shaft and a marking arm to the Multi Gap Imager and make spherical holes and elongated holes in pipes and plates.

18. Industrial Endoscope

Whereas repairing, servicing, or upkeep, Pipe Fitters often have no idea the place the issue is or easy methods to isolate the issue. In such conditions, an Industrial Endoscope might be of nice use.

It’s a digicam system with an extended inflexible cable and a digicam module at its finish. The opposite finish of the cable connects to the show/management module which shows the feed from the digicam.

Industrial Endoscope is an costly instrument. So, make investments on this instrument if and provided that you deem it match for the job/operation you carry out as a Pipe Fitter.

19. Soapstone Markers

Whereas utilizing protractors, Radius Markers, and many others., you want a correct instrument that does the precise markings on the pipe to point reduce traces or weld traces.

Pipe Fitters and Welders typically use Soapstone Markers for this objective. You should utilize these markers on a number of sorts of pipe supplies and you’ll simply erase them as effectively.

20. Tape Measure

This can be a no-brainer. Any form of development, woodwork, or plumbing job wants correct measurements. A Tape Measure is a vital instrument for Pipe Fitters. Get one that’s at the least 25 ft lengthy. Within the case of Tape Measures, the precept may be very easy, the longer, the higher.

21. Protractor

An vital job of a pipe fitter is to bend it as per the drawings and directions. A Protractor is a straightforward instrument that helps the Pipe Fitter in measuring or set the bevel angle. You too can test the squareness of the pipe, and pipe miter angles (between 0° and 90°) amongst different issues.

You may get a set of protractors that comprises a Mini Protractor, a Small Protractor, and a Giant Protector. Whereas mini and small protractors are made up of stainless-steel, giant ones are often made up of aluminum.

22. Pipe Fitter’s Sq.

The Pipe Fitter’s Sq. is often a stainless-steel precision sq. that has a number of markings particularly for a Pipe Fitter. Moreover, welders, boiler-makers, and structure personnel additionally use the sort of sq..

Utilizing this sq., the pipe fitter can discover the pipe’s middle line, test the squareness between two surfaces, decide the size and diameter of a flange bolt, and plenty of different issues.

23. Framing Sq.

A Framing Sq. helps the pipe fitter in measuring angles, discovering squareness between two factors/surfaces (pipes, flanges, fittings, and many others.), and even discovering the middle line of a pipe. While you mix a framing sq. with a stage, you may measure the diploma of the slope.

Normally, you get Framing Squares in two sizes and supplies. The Small Framing Sq. is made up of stainless-steel whereas the Giant Framing Sq. is made up of aluminum.

24. Screwdriver Set

A Screwdriver Set comprises at the least a Flat Head Screwdriver and Phillips Screwdriver amongst different varieties. However these two drive heads of various sizes are greater than ample to tighten or loosen screws.

25. Calculator

As we stated earlier, the Pipe Becoming job has a variety of math and the pipe fitters are anticipated to know the fundamentals of geometry, circles, angles, and many others. Particular Scientific Calculators are vital instrument for all Pipe Fitters.

You’ll be able to simply carry out all of the pipe commerce math utilizing calculators equivalent to angles, slopes, offsets, take-outs, take-offs, and many others. They’ll even settle for the kind of pipe you’re working with, its measurement, elbow kind, hole, and many others.

26.Laser Stage

Putting in small sections of pipes and tubes is a comparatively simple job. You should utilize a Pocket Stage or a Beam Stage.

However that’s not the case when a pipe fitter has to work with steady stretches of pipes, fittings, and tubes. On this case, a Laser Stage will likely be a greater instrument. Utilizing a Laser Stage, the Pipe Fitter can make it possible for all of the pipes are stage to a reference level.

27. Metal-Toed Boots

Security is at all times a precedence. You’ll be able to simply keep away from small accidents with correct security gear. As Pipe Fitters, you must take care of heavy steel pipes on a regular basis. In the event that they by chance fall in your toes, it’d trigger extreme ache and harm.

Industrial-grade Metal-Toed Boots are very helpful for all pipe fitters, plumbers, welders, or development personnel.

28. Gloves

When engaged on the restore or upkeep of pipes and tubes, the Pipe Fitter needs to be cautious as you by no means know what the pipe is carrying. It could possibly be scorching water, chemical, fuel, or any poisonous substance.

Use a pair of Security Gloves when engaged on pipes, particularly in industrial environments.

29. Security Glasses

One other vital and helpful piece of security gear is Security Glasses (Goggles). They’ll forestall particles, tiny shrapnel, liquids, and many others. from coming into your eyes.

Purchase a pair that matches you effectively and on the similar time protects your eyes from all sides. Relying on the job you’re engaged on, you may need to continuously take the glasses on and off. So, search for a tricky, sturdy, and light-weight choice.

30. Software Field (Software Belt)

This goes with out saying. Any tradesman should have a correct Software Field or Software Belt. You’ll be able to manage all of the important instruments in them and carry them with you to the work website.

Other than the Pipe Fitter instruments that we talked about on this listing, a Software Field or a Software Belt may have area/compartments for different instruments equivalent to wrenches, hammers, utility knives, and plenty of extra.


Pipe Becoming is a particular job that offers with putting in, routing, and becoming completely different pipes, flanges, tubes, and fittings. Pipe Fitters are tradesmen which might be accountable for this job.

As Pipe Fitters, you must know an ideal deal in regards to the completely different sorts of pipe supplies, and the maths concerned in calculations, dimensions, welding, and many others.

One other vital factor for each Pipe Fitter is an efficient understanding of all of the vital instruments, gear, and equipment.

On this information, we noticed a Pipe Fitter Software Checklist that comprises greater than 30 important instruments helpful for becoming pipes, tubes, flanges, and many others. Some instruments on this listing are extremely particular to Pipe Fitters whereas some instruments are general-purpose tradesman instruments.

In case you really feel that this Pipe Fitter Software Checklist is lacking one thing or need us so as to add any specific instrument, system, or gear, then do tell us within the feedback part under. Will probably be useful not solely to us however, to different readers as effectively.

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