Subwoofer Cable vs RCA | Which One is Higher?

You don’t need to be an audiophile to arrange and luxuriate in good music. However figuring out basic items such because the several types of cables is vital. With fashionable soundbars and wi-fi subwoofers, all you want is an efficient high quality HDMI Cable. However in true encompass sound audio, you should have a number of audio system and a number of subwoofers. It’s important to wire them correctly to benefit from the audio. A typical dilemma amongst first-time consumers is what sort of cable to make use of for various audio system? What are the variations between Subwoofer Cable vs RCA Cable?

On this information, allow us to give attention to the subwoofer a part of an audio setup. We are going to examine Subwoofer Cable vs RCA Cable. Lastly, we’ll weigh of their professionals and cons and discover which cable is healthier.

A Transient Word on Subwoofer

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One of many key points to reproducing film theatre-like sound in a house theatre is the bass, or subwoofers to be particular. A Subwoofer is a loudspeaker that produces (or reproduces) low-frequency sound that we regularly name Bass. Talking of frequency, a typical subwoofer has a frequency vary of 20Hz to 200Hz.

In a standard multichannel audio system, the subwoofer is a separate enclosure from the principle audio system. As a result of non-directional attribute of bass, we use just one subwoofer, normally beneath the TV or projector display, in entrance of the viewers.

There are several types of subwoofer applied sciences and designs however all of them come beneath Energetic or Passive Subwoofers. An lively subwoofer has an built-in amplifier constructed into the enclosure. A passive one doesn’t have one.

Nearly all of fashionable subwoofers are lively sorts. So, all you must do is join a cable between the AV receiver and the subwoofer, whereas the sub takes care of the facility provide and amplification. Now the vital query. Which cable to make use of?

What’s an RCA Cable?

RCA Cable

Do you keep in mind these purple, white, and yellow cables that we used to attach DVD Gamers to TVs? These cables are literally RCA Cables. Technically, the connectors are RCA Connectors and as a result of these connectors, the cables bought the title RCA Cables.

Radio Company of America created these connectors within the Nineteen Thirties to attach phonograms (or gramophones) to radio receivers. Therefore, you typically see / hear the title Phono Connector. The male connector (with a pin) is the RCA Plug and the feminine connector (with a gap) is the RCA Jack.

RCA Connectors are one of many oldest sorts which are nonetheless in use. The RCA Cable is a kind of coaxial cable. It may possibly carry a mono unbalanced sign. The sign might be analog video or audio.

Actually, the purple, white, and yellow RCA Cables are generally often known as Composite Video RCA Cables. Right here, the yellow cable carries the video sign whereas the purple and white cables carry left and proper channel audio alerts.

One other fashionable utility of RCA Cables is the Part Video. On this sort, we use three cables purple, inexperienced, and blue to hold three video alerts (R, G, B respectively). Part Video has the aptitude to transmit greater decision video.

Whereas Composite Video maxes out at 480i NTSC or 567i PAL, the Part Video can transmit as much as 1080P (and even greater).

One other vital attribute of RCA Cables is that they will carry each analog and digital alerts. Whereas the connector for analog and digital communication is identical, there’s a vital distinction within the precise cable itself. A typical type of RCA Digital cable is the S/PDIF sort with RCA Connector.

What’s a Subwoofer Cable?

Technically, a Subwoofer Cable is one other type of RCA Cable. It’s designed particularly to hold low-frequency audio alerts from the AV Receiver or Amplifier to a Subwoofer.

The connectors, each female and male of a Subwoofer Cable use RCA Kind. If each common RCA Cable and Subwoofer Cables use RCA Connectors, then what’s the distinction between them?

Now comes the attention-grabbing half. We all know that the job of the subwoofer is to breed bass, which is actually a low-frequency audio sign. The AV Receiver, with its built-in cross-over circuit, separates common audio alerts (vocal and instrumental) and low-frequency alerts.

Fundamental audio system obtain the common audio alerts over RCA Cables (or every other audio cables). The subwoofer alternatively receives the low-frequency sign. Which means that the cable between the AV Receiver and the subwoofer should be able to carrying this low-frequency sign with none points.

The standard frequency {that a} subwoofer reproduces is between 20Hz and 200Hz. That is awfully near the Mains AC Frequency (50Hz or 60Hz). If the cable doesn’t present correct shielding, it causes interference with the AC Mains frequency and also you get a ‘hum’ from the subwoofer.

To remove or reduce the sign distortion and AC Hum, producers take additional steps so as to add extra insulating layers and likewise shielding. This protects the low-frequency bass sign from interference and noise. In consequence, the subwoofer can reproduce a really clear bass.

Variations Between Subwoofer Cable vs RCA Cable

Allow us to rapidly discover the variations between RCA cable and subwoofer cable. The next is a comparability between Subwoofer Cable vs RCA Cable with respect to vital parameters.

RCA Cable Subwoofer Cable
RCA Cable has RCA Connectors at each ends. Subwoofer Cable additionally has RCA Connectors at each ends.
Can carry each Audio and Video alerts. It may possibly carry solely audio alerts.
Audio RCA Cables can transmit all frequencies from the AV Receiver to the audio system. They’re designed to usually carry low-frequency bass alerts from AV Receiver to Subwoofer.
You need to use a daily RCA Cable to transmit bass alerts from supply to subwoofer. Although subwoofer cables can carry audio alerts, they excel at transmitting low-frequency alerts.
When you use a daily RCA Cable with a subwoofer, there’s a risk of noise and interference. Subwoofer Cables, regardless of having RCA Connectors, use extra insulation and shielding to reduce noise and interference.
The principle downside with utilizing RCA Cables for subwoofers is AC Hum. A superb-quality subwoofer cable is not going to produce any AC Hum.
RCA Cables are very reasonably priced and simple to search out. Subwoofer cable is somewhat costly.

Professionals and Cons

RCA Cable

+ The principle benefit of RCA Cables is they’re very low-cost.

+ You may simply discover RCA Cables in all audio tools retailers and electronics shops.

+ RCA Cables are a very talked-about alternative for transmitting analog audio (and video alerts).

– Though they will carry all audio alerts, RCA Cable may wrestle to transmit bass audio. They don’t have any extra shielding or insulation.

– Even when you use RCA Cable for subwoofers, the size could be a limiting issue. The typical size of RCA Cables is smaller than Subwoofer cables.

– As a result of decrease gauge wires (thinner wires), the facility capabilities of RCA cables are much less.

Subwoofer Cable

+ They’re specifically designed to hold low-frequency alerts. However they nonetheless use the RCA Connectors.

+ Excessive-quality Subwoofer Cables have extra insulation and shielding to cut back interference and noise.

+ It will likely be irritating to listen to AC Hum after spending lots of of {dollars} on audio system and subwoofers. You need to use a Subwoofer cable to remove this hum.

+ The gauge of the wire is normally massive (thicker wires). Therefore, they will carry vital energy to the subwoofer.

– They’re barely dearer than regular RCA Cables.

– It can save you some huge cash if common RCA Cables do the job.

Which Cable is Higher? Subwoofer or RCA

Now that we’ve got seen the essential variations between RCA and Subwoofer cables, the vital query is which cable to decide on?

The connection between AV Receiver and subwoofer is utilizing RCA Connectors. You may take a look at the standard of sound with common RCA Cables. When you don’t discover any noise, hum, or buzzing sound, then likelihood is you don’t need to improve the cable.

However when you hear any distortion of hum, then you must put money into a great high quality subwoofer cable. Their additional insulation and shielding present wonderful audio transmission with out noise or interference.

Test for all of the specs of each your audio units (AV Receiver, Subwoofer, and so on.) in addition to the Subwoofer Cable.

The impedance of the cable performs an vital function in clear transmission. Common RCA Cables may not have the right impedance values to match with the subwoofer. However subwoofer cables are made for this function. So, the prospect of impedance mismatch may be very much less.


RCA Cables are one of the frequent and fashionable cables for audio in addition to video transmission. Subwoofer Cables, alternatively, are a kind of RCA Cable with some vital tweaks and upgrades. You need to use a daily RCA Cable to attach AV Receiver and Subwoofer. However as a result of its poor insulation and shielding, they carry noise and have interference.

Subwoofer cables have the benefit of additional insulation later and floor shielding. This eliminates the annoying AC Hum from subwoofers and different noise.

On this information, we noticed the fundamentals of RCA Cables and Subwoofer Cables. We in contrast Subwoofer Cable vs RCA Cables and listed the variations between them.

Lastly, we checked out whether or not RCA Cable is adequate for connecting the subwoofer or when you want a particular subwoofer cable.

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